What is a PSA tape? PSA stands for (P) pressure (S) sensitive (A) adhesive tape.  Pressure sensitive adhesives are self-stick adhesives that do not require solvent, heat, or water activation and no special baking/curing processes.  PSA tapes require a simple peel and stick hand pressure installation process.  CS Hyde company provides four PSA adhesive options including:

  • Rubber adhesives – Hi initial bond strength, indoor use.
  • High bond Acrylic– Strong bonding ideal for adhesion to difficult-to-bond, Low Surface Energy surfaces like some plastics, powder-coats, foams, and oily metals. Outdoor use.
    • U.V. Resistance
    • Water Resistance
    • Chemical Resistance- gasoline, oil, Freon™ TF, sodium chloride solution, mild acids and alkali’s.
  • Acrylic adhesives – Bond strengthens over time, rated up to 250°F to 350°F, outdoor use.
  • Silicone adhesives – intended for clean release applications that withstand high temperatures rated up to 500°F. Indoor use.

Custom PSA Film & Fabric Tapes

CS Hyde Company is also a 3M™ Choice Converter which allows us accommodate specialty adhesives for applications including clarity, dielectric strength, and hard to bond to substrates. Our onsite lamination capabilities enable us to custom manufacture tapes to customer specifications. All tape versions can be supplied in sheets, rolls, or specialty die cut parts. Our PSA tapes can be supplied self wound with no liner or with a peel off kraft or paper liner, we also provide double sided adhesive tapes and zone tapes.  We specialize in creating custom tape products to act as insulators, surface protectors, noise dampers, friction reducers, electricity protectors, heat reducers, and static dissipaters. Common substrates we work with include Kapton®, UHMW, Polyester, Nylon, PTFE made with Telfon™ Fluoroplastics, and PTFE Coated Fiberglass.

Specialty Film PSA Tapes: PEEK® TapeFAT PTFE TapePVDFstick®Nylon 6/6 TapeAcetal/POM Tape

Why work with us?

  • Small woman owned business
  • Stock inventory warehouse
  • Same day shipping
  • Little to no minimum orders
  • Custom converting services
  • REACH and RoHs compliant