Adhesive Tape Solutions For Wrapping Cables & Wires

High Temp. Cable & Wire Wrapping

CS Hyde Company is a supplier and converter of high temperature tapes for wrapping cable harnesses and wire looms. Our high temperature adhesive tape catalog is composed of high-performance polymer tapes and adhesive backed PTFE coated or non-coated industrial grade Kevlar® and fiberglass fabrics. These adhesive tapes are designed with properties to deliver high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical/oil/fuel resistance, and other attributes to withstand harsh environments. Common types of high temperature wrapping tapes include fiberglass, polyester, Kapton® polyimide, PTFE made with Teflon® Fluoroplastics, and silicone self-fusing tape. Wire harness wrapping tapes are mostly commonly used in aerospace, automotive, medical, and electronic device applications.

Converters Tip

Need a custom width for an application? We custom slit all of tape products in house. We can custom slit products of your choice with a fast turnaround and little to no minimums

PTFE Wrapping Tapes- Low friction & Electrical Insulation

PTFE tapes made with Teflon® Fluoroplastics are ideal for wrapping applications that require weather, chemical and heat resistance. Many of these tapes also meet MIL spec requirements. Available with either high tack acrylic or high temperature clean release adhesive.

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  • Rated -100 to 500°F
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Weather Resistant  
  • Chemical and Heat Resistant
  • Available in both high tack acrylic and high temperature clean release silicone adhesive
  • Meets MIL Spec. Requirements

Kapton® Polyimide Tape- PCB Board Masking, Electronic Cables/Wires

Kapton® tape is consists of DuPont™ Kapton® film coated with either high temperature silicone or acrylic adhesive. Kapton® provides excellent insulation, abrasion resistance, and dielectric strength. Kapton® tape is commonly used as capacitor wrapping, coil insulation, or to secure or wrap harnesses and wires in high temperature environments like the internals of electronics.

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  • Rated to 500°F (Silicone adhesive) 
  • Rated to -20°F to 350°F (Acrylic Adhesive)
  • Abrasion, Cut-Through, & Impact Resistant
  • U.L. Recognized Component 
Polyimide tape on EV Battery

Polyimide tape on EV Battery

FEP Optically Clear Tape- Ideal for cable identification applications

FEP itself possesses superior anti-stick, low friction, strength, puncture, chemical & solvent resistance surface properties. FEP film tapes complete composition is weather resistant, stable, and nontoxic making it a versatile performance tape for wrapping or insulating applications that require “see through” identification.

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  • Rated -100°F to 400°F 
  • Optically Clear
  • Highest fluoropolymer dielectric strength (Volts per gauge)
  • Weather Resistant and UV Resistant
  • Non-Toxic
  • Can be used for high temperature magnet coil and capacitor wrapping
  • Available with or without adhesive
    • Silicone adhesive is most common due to low residue and clean release properties
    • Can be custom laminated with 3M® adhesive options like high tack acrylic

Silicone Self-Fusing Tape- A wrapping tape that sticks to itself

Silicone self-fusing tape is a specially formulated silicone rubber that contains no adhesive, but when wrapped, the tape fuses to itself, creating a permanently bonded layer. This silicone layer provides an effective insulating shield resistant to extreme environmental conditions.

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  • Rated to -130°F to 500°F
  • Available Colors:
    • Red, Black, White, Clear, Yellow, Blue
    • With or without triangular guidelines
  • Self Augmenting (No adhesive required)
  • Withstands UV Rays, acids, weather, water and Ozone.
Silicone Self-Fusing Tape is commonly Used in Military, aerospace, industrial motor and marine applications including utility cable terminations and splices, bus bar insulation, motor coil terminal connections, and fuel line and hose repair. SSF can even be applied UNDERWATER! Silicone Self-Fusing Tape is the perfect alternative to adhesive electrical tape, duct tape, and heat shrink tape for many applications.


  • MIL-I-46852C, Type I & Type II
  • A-A-59163, Type I & Type II
  • MIL-I-22444C
  • Boeing DMS2186 Type 1 & Type 2
  • Lockheed Martin MMS J5
  • Lockheed Martin 5-00857
  • General Electric A50A493
  • General Electric A50E112
  • General Dynamics P5384
  • Rohr RMS315, Type I, II, III
  • FAR 25.853 & UL94 (upon request)