Adhesive Tape Solutions For Window & Door Manufacturing

Tapes For Window And Door Manufaturing

Adhesive tapes are being utilized more extensively in window and door manufacturing to assemble, mask, and seal. In addition to traditional caulking and silicone beading, adhesive tapes provide a clean, peel and stick application with reduced adhesive curing times. Adhesive tape bond strength is advancing as well as adhesion to hard to bond substrates thus improving performance, production, and lead times. CS Hyde specializes in performance adhesive tape solutions and custom converting for window and door applications like bonding muntin bars to glass, sealing glass to window frames, masking vinyl window frames, gap filling windows and doors, as well as improving window and door track systems.

3M VHB foam tape for bonding muntin bars to glass windows and doors

3M VHB Foam Tape For Bonding Window Components

Double sided VHB foam tape is ideal for bonding exterior or interior muntin bars or grilles to new or replacement glass windows and doors. 3M 4941 incorporates a modified acrylic adhesive system that bonds securely to wood, vinyl, or painted metals. VHB Foam tape is also available with a liner on both sides of the foam to expose each side of adhesive for installation and protection through transport.

Muntin Bar Window Applications

Custom Muntin bars sometimes create narrow bond lines, CS Hyde can custom slit VHB tape rolls or strips to bond to narrow lines. Eliminating excess waste or trimming by using standard roll widths. Custom cut parts and gaskets also available.

Slippery UHMW tape for reducing friction on window and door rails

Muntin Bar Window Applications

UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Tape) is slippery like PTFE but has extreme abrasion and wear resistance. UHMW tape can be placed on window or sliding door frame rails to reduce friction and protect against wear and abrasion. UHMW tape is available with high-bond acrylic (ideal for low surface energy plastics and metals), standard acrylic, or rubber adhesive systems. Anti-Static (Black) UHMW is also available for conductive and UV stable application requirements.

Innovation Solution: CS Hyde can laminate 3M® VHB Foam to UHMW film to produce a cushioning adhesive tape with the low friction and wear resistant surface properties of UHMW.

UHMW tape thickness range .003”-.125”, Available in rolls, sheet, strips, or custom die cut parts.

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Polyethylene foam tape for sealing insulated glass panels in window framing systems

Polyurethane Foam Tape For Installing Insulated Glass Panels

Polyethylene foam tape can be used to mount, and seal insulated glass units commonly used in picture frame windows. Polyurethane foam is ideal because its foam substrate allows energy and stress in the joint to be dissipated over the entire bond. This tape is durable in all weather conditions and provides resistance against UV light. This tape is great as glazing tape because its durable acrylic adhesive provides a strong, long-lasting bond and the foam creates a conformable cushioning separator between the glass and its framing system.

Polyethylene foam tape is available in .25” to 1” widths, and in 15 or 100 FT. lengths.

Silicone Strip N’ Stick tapes are also available for gap filling windows and door

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High temperature masking tapes for fusion welding window frames

High Temperature Masking Tapes For Fusion Welding Window Frames

High temperature masking tapes can be applied to weld plates, to allow rapid heat transfer from the heat plate to the PVC sections, PTFE subrstates prevent melted PVC from sticking to the plate surface. This results in a clean weld, a clean surface on the weld plate, and faster window production.