The “custom” approach

Instilling a custom approach into the advanced materials industry is what makes CS Hyde Company unique. Combining material knowledge, years of experience, and custom converting expertise powers the transformation of standard roll products into custom products based on application specifications.

Material Modifications

In the materials industry, material modifications are needed to meet in-house manufacturing specifications. Some industries require special cores like plastic to eliminate line contamination, a concern with cardboard in medical applications. Silicone-free adhesives may be required in electronic assembly processes due to de-wetting concerns that cause adhesive failures. Rewinding rolls in shorter roll lengths may be easier for production handling, rather than being supplied as a master roll.

Such requirements make converters like CS Hyde unique through transformation. Through processes like rewinding and adhesive lamination, products can be converted or supplied to meet or exceed these specifications.

Switching the Stick

Adhesive bonding and uncommon substrates can be a design concern for many applications, especially applications where adhesives are used as an alternative to mechanical fastening or inside an enclosure exposed to rapidly changing environments. When standard adhesive tape options become obsolete, engineers require a custom bonding solution.

CS Hyde is an authorized 3M™ converter specializing in pressure-sensitive transfer adhesives. Utilizing roll-to-roll lamination, we can switch the adhesion of many hard-to-bond substrates to withstand or exhibit application properties like adhesive clarity, temperature resistance, peel strength, and electrical or thermal conductivity.

Polymer Film Metallization

Vacuum metalized films are commonly used in many industries, including decoration, flexible packaging, cardboard packaging, thermal insulation, textiles, and electronics. Metallized films are a cost-effective alternative to aluminum foil and exhibit similar barrier performance. Vacuum metallization can be a valuable solution to enhance material performance. Common types of metallized films we supply include polyester (PET) and polyimide film in a variety of thicknesses. However, metallization can be applied to many other polymer films like PEEK, Nylon, or ULTEM®.

Benefits of polymer film metallization include the following:

  • Bright metallic appearance (for aesthetic purposes)
  • Electrical conductivity (for electronics and packaging)
  • Effective barrier performance against water vapor and oxygen (for barrier packaging)
  • UV shielding (for thermal insulation and packaging)

Multi-Layer Lamination

Multiple material lamination enhances design capabilities, removes limitations, and conjoins different material properties. Working with a range of high-performance materials including films, adhesives, fabrics, and silicone expands our ability to design layered laminations that enhance your applications’ performance. Common examples include barrier films, separation materials, and single- or double-sided adhesive-backed polymer films.

Material Solutions From CS Hyde Company

At CS Hyde, our ability to customize material solutions according to our customers’ precise needs is what sets us apart from our competitors. We can make material modifications, alter adhesives, metallize polymer films, perform multi-layer lamination, and more. To learn more about our products and capabilities, contact us or request a quote today.