The types of PTFE tape beyond “plumbers tape”

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What is the most common PTFE tape? The most common PTFE Tape and the number one search engine suggestion is known as “PTFE Pipe thread tape” or “plumbers’ tape” which is primarily used in plumbing applications on pipes, tubes, or conduits as a lubricating seal tape to prevent water and air leakage. PTFE Thread seal tape conforms […]

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What is a PSA tape

What Is A PSA Tape? (P) Pressure (S) Sensitive (A) Adhesive Tape

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What is a PSA tape? PSA stands for (P) pressure (S) sensitive (A) adhesive tape.  Pressure sensitive adhesives are self-stick adhesives that do not require solvent, heat, or water activation and no special baking/curing processes.  PSA tapes require a simple peel and stick hand pressure installation process.  CS Hyde company provides four PSA adhesive options including: […]