Industry Challenges Guide Our Solutions

At CS Hyde, we understand that there are unique and special caveats to our application-specific industries. Unlike most companies, we do not limit our products and capabilities to a specific set of industries, sectors, or net worth; instead, we believe that high-performance materials have purpose and compatibility outside of their targeted scope.

Extreme Challenges Are Part of Our DNA

At CS Hyde, we turn industry challenges into solutions through custom converting and premier manufacturing partnerships. We pride ourselves on being a nucleus for material research and development. From first articles to prototype parts to material sampling, we’ve built an approach to make material sourcing and conversion sustainable and affordable.

Industry-Built Solutions, Roll By Roll

Our converting experience with DIY individuals and industry leaders has built the foundation for our solutions. We have listened, analyzed, and adapted to become a reliable resource that global industry sectors can utilize for material research to mass production.

  • Alternative Material Research: Materials become discontinued and raw materials can create a shortage, resulting in alternative materials needed with fast turnaround times. Pairing industry knowledge and premier manufacturing relationships, we can design, source, or recommend alternative materials that meet or exceed product specifications.
  • Material Sourcing: Different thicknesses, grades, types, ASTMs, Mil Specs, and other specifications can make it difficult to source the correct product listed within your drawing. We do not expect you to be the expert, but we will utilize our knowledge and resources to point you in the right direction.
  • Product Sampling: High-performance materials can be expensive with long lead times and large MOQs. However, material sampling is important for research, creating the ability to touch, test, and analyze the compatibility of the product before large quantity purchases. Requesting a sample is as easy as sending an email or submitting an RFQ.
  • Contract Converting: Converting materials in-house can be a cost-saving solution; however, it may become too complex for some applications. CS Hyde contract converting services enable customers to benefit from our converting expertise and machinery investments, converting their products with fast turnaround times to meet project deadlines.
  • Rapid Prototyping: When it comes to sourcing seals, gaskets, or custom part components, lead times and cost can be disruptive to your design phase due to material order quantities, tooling, and geometry of the part. However, utilizing our digital knife cutting services, we can replicate your drawing to produce parts with no tooling cost, low minimum quantities, and fast turnaround times. This service is ideal for early design phases that may require modifications to the drawing. Cost-effective rapid prototyping would be impossible with traditional die-cutting methods that require custom tooling and would add unexpected costs to your budget.
  • Industry Solutions From CS Hyde

    At CS Hyde, our experience working with DIY-ers and industrial professionals has allowed us to develop high-performance solutions for the most challenging applications. With converting, materials research, product sourcing, rapid prototyping, and other capabilities, CS Hyde provides reliable solutions regardless of your industry. Contact us or request a quote to start your solution.