About Cs Hyde Company

Founded in 1996, CS Hyde Company has been providing an endless number of industries with high-end materials that are required for functionality, production and growth. CS Hyde Company specializes in adhesive tapes, polymer films, fabrics and silicone rubber and utilizes the latest in high tech converting equipment to provide a superior product in the shortest timeframe possible.

Our Culture:

CS Hyde Company’s team is unified on excellence, industrious goals, enthusiastic attitudes, and organizational techniques. We make it our mission to carry those same values to each customer we interact with and supply to. Our team thrives on innovative recommendations and solutions to challenging applications as we feel everything deserves to be improved upon. We understand there are unique and specific caveats to our application specific industry, and we will continue to facilitate direction and guidance – even if our team is not able to directly assist you with our products and services.

The CS Hyde Company sales team wants to provide the ultimate converting experience. Our joy comes from collaborating with potential and existing customers while discovering new ways to integrate high performance materials. Our goal is to be the premier company customers can look to as an inclusive, substrate to fabricate supplier.

CS Hyde continues to be committed to our customers, and will always provide service and products that have the client’s best interests in mind. We pride ourselves on building successful, long-term relationships with our client base and surpassing their expectations. CS Hyde Company is passionate about our performance products and converting services and will continue strive to be the best in the business.

Our History:

Founder, Mrs. Sheridan O’Brien entered the high-performance plastics industry with one piece of equipment and herself as the sole employee. Through determination and perseverance, she was able to make her first sale at the end of the year and began to grow her company. In 1998, CS Hyde hired its first actual staff; two high school students, a young mom, and a recent graduate. With a fully functional office, and the drive to provide specialty material to the high-performance plastics industry, CS Hyde began to move to the next level. In ten years, the company would evolve from a single machine to a diverse, multi-functional operations system while perfecting products and building solid business relationships with some of the largest, premier manufacturers in the world.